Speech Therapy Services in Panania

Children's Speech Therapy Services

Let our Speech Therapists help you find your child's voice
Our Speech Pathologists can help develop your child's language skills and encourage confidence while speaking and communicating.

When your child is struggling with their language and speech, it can affect their experience in school and in social situations. Working with our Physio Inq Panania may help.

There are a few things you might notice about your child that signals the need for a Speech Therapist:

  • Speech milestones based on age are not being met on a consistent basis.
  • You’ve noticed a lisp, stutter, or other speech and vocal concerns.
  • It’s difficult to understand what is being said.
  • There is difficulty with reading, spelling, and comprehension of text.
  • You’re already aware of special needs such as autism or other social challenges.
  • You notice your child is having difficulty swallowing or eating.

If you’re worried, we’re happy to schedule your appointment for an initial consultation. From there, we’ll assess any issues and work with you and your child to create a plan moving forward. Our local Physio Inq Panania Speech Therapy services support children with a disability.

Our Physio Inq Panania Speech Pathologists can help with a wide range of speech difficulties for children including:

  • Mispronunciation
  • Vocabulary comprehension
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Stuttering
  • Autism or Asperger’s affecting social skills
  • Social anxiety
  • Difficulty swallowing food or drinks
  • Problems understanding or being understood
  • Delayed talking or problems talking
  • Difficulty spelling, reading or writing

Physio Inq Panania Speech Therapists create a custom plan to improve your child's specific speech challenges - whatever those challenges may be.

About Physio Inq's Care

  • A commitment to expediting referrals based on clinical needs and no long wait lists!
  • Access to multiple disciplines and services under one roof
  • Experienced clinical staff
  • Your child will be seen by a therapist with extensive experience in treating kids and who has a focus on paediatric therapy.

What types of Therapy does our Panania clinic offer?

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